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My name is Vanessa, I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner and our two rescue dogs. I’m a wedding & elopement photographer by day, an event planner and location scout by night. You’d think I’m joking right? I am not. When I’m not photographing weddings, or helping clients plan an elopement- you’ll find me hiking up in the mountains, or chilling at the beach with my pups.

I’m quite outdoorsy and charmingly sarcastic. I can promise you you’ll laugh as much as we’ll create beautiful memories together.

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People chose to elope for various reasons. I would love to find out why you opted for an elopement vs a traditional wedding ceremony, so we can better plan it.


Haven’t decided on a specific location yet? Worry not! We’ll talk about options and I’ll share from experience what works best depending on your needs.


Weather, seasonality and daylight play a crucial role in how your photos will turn out. We’ll discuss together and confirm the timeline for best results.


Are you eloping just the two of you? Or are you bringing any family and friends with you? There’s no right or wrong answer. We just need to plan it ahead.


Details such as housing, ceremony location, plane tickets, car rentals and other logistics need to be thought-through, confirmed and booked.


If you’re tying the knot abroad, you’ll need to figure out what are the legal requirements and documents you need to prepare to make this happen.

Some of my favorite elopements and trips from this year

Some of my favorite elopements and trips from this year

If you could get married anywhere, where would that be?

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Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

If you’re getting married in the Pacific Northwest region, there will be no travel expenses applied to your package. Any other locations within US or abroad are discussed and confirmed individually.

What if we want something more extreme for our elopement?

No activities and locations are off the table. I’m an avid hiker, and used to climbing up hills and clifs to get that perfect shot or beautiful light. If you have a more extrem or unusual idea for your elopement, I’d love to hear it and see how we can bring it to life. The more details you share, the better we can plan it.

We want to include our dog into the elopement ceremony and photos, is that okay?

More than okay, it’s an absolute must! Including your furry family members makes for such beautiful and fun memories. We can try to include your dog into the actual wedding ceremony, as well as the formal family portraits.

How long does it take to recieve the photos after the elopement and how will those be delivered?

Around 2 weeks after your elopement you will receive an online gallery with up to 40 photo highlights, that you can share with family and friends, post on social media, etc. Two months after that you will receive the entire photo collection as well as instructions on how to order prints, choose photos for an album, etc.

Do we need a wedding officiant for our elopement? If yes, can you recommend one?

There’s no wrong or right answer here. Some couples choose to tie the knot legally on their elopement day, others only do it for the photos and take care of the legal paper work before/after. Depending on where you plan to get married, I can definitely share a few recommendations of officiants I’ve worked with before, who are available for travel.

What if we legally don’t get married on our elopement day?

That's absolutely fine, many couples choose to go through the legal procedure on a different day, and create the ceremony setup solely for the photos. It's your day, and you can plan it however you feel fitted. Legally, it may also be easier to organize everything, if it doesn't involve hiking and much traveling for the officiant.